Knud Holscher Design
Vermundsgade 40,3 DK-2100 Copenhagen Denmark

Holscher Design was founded as an independent design studio in 1995 by the renowned architect and industrial designer Knud Holscher. 
Many of Knud Holscher’s designs are world renowned classics and his work has had a strong impact on the Danish design scene. Today, Holscher Design is one of Scandinavia’s most recognized and award-winning design agencies with over 70 awards and more than 40 years of experience. The studio’s core output is designing products, graphics, service design and design strategies. 

 Today, the studio is run by a group of seven partners, each of them with their own field of expertise. In 2011 the agency changed its name from Knud Holscher Design to Holscher Design and Knud Holscher stepped down as head of the studio. However he is still an important part of the day-to-day life at the studio and holds the title of art director. The studio’s ability to combine functionality with changing consumer demands and still maintain high quality design, has been expanded by creating solutions for complex projects in collaborations with large international brands.
Holscher Design always aim at creating successful design of exceptional character and quality. Our designs are firmly rooted in aNordic tradition in the sense that we strive for a simple and clear design language, where user and function are in focus.   
We frequently explore new materials and apply new methods in order to keep creating design that point towards the future.

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