102 View Terrace tsukasa, 3798-1, 892-0871 Kagoshima-shi Japan

Shoichiro Takei, born in Kagoshima, Japan, in 1974, taught himself manga and illustration from his childhood on. In 1998, he entered the world of design working for a PR production company in Tokyo. After that he returned to Kagoshima, and he moved to the total packaging company in 2007, just when the design room was established for the first time. Silver A’Design Award(Italy) Winner in Packaging Design Category, 2011~2012Red Dot Design Award(Germany)Winner in Communication Design,2013~2014And start his independent creative office in 2014. Shoichiro Takei has designed numerous packages, posters and labels and has worked in brand design across a variety of fields ,hoping to show good Japanese things to the world. He would like to realize a project that makes people happy. As a result of looking at his work, people’s anxieties and worries would fade away and their soul would be purified. He believes that design and art have tremendous power. 

Eriko Kunikata, born in Kagoshima, Japan. Bachelor of Laws (Hokkaido University)and Master of Laws in Civil Laws(Graduate School of Law, Hokkaido University), Hokkaido, Japan. Through as an anchor of NHK(Japan Broadcasting Corporation)Kagoshima, and an announcer of KKB(Kagoshima Broadcasting Corporation), built careers as a master of ceremonies, a narrator, and a director. Produced documentaries, news programs devoted to economy.Gained experiences to make plans, intervidw, visit for media coverage, edit and product.A member of KATAL SEVEN from August in 2014.

The package design as KATAL SEVEN.
Perceive the essence of the product, emphasize the advantages of it,and make it the one and only in the world.
No matter how excellent products and potential initiatives, and to be able to appeal, it is not possible to get its value known in the world.On the contrary, those skilled in PR strategy, will be provided with the power to hit it just. Contents be the same, is very different value of goods by way of its packaging. “What is the product?”, “what kinds of histories does the product have?”, and “who does purchase the product with any such motive and opportunity?”, we need to get to the bottom of its own.Ultimately, grasp the deep essence, make a concept, and then the product becomes to have much of a presence in the department or the counter. it will be infinitely familiar to the consumer.Not cover and decorate on the surface, KATAL SEVEN perceives the essence of the product, emphasizes the advantages of it, and makes it the one and only in the world.As a result, the clients enjoy brisk sales, furthermore the innovative and distinative design has produced by many “chemical reactions”.

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