Günter Wermekes Design http://www.wermekes.de/en/
Phone: +49 (0)22 69 / 73 01

Guenter Wermekes is a goldsmith and designer. He was the first to combine stainless steel, a material typical of our modern age, with the fieriest and most precious material of all, the diamond, in an entire jewellery collection.

An additional business activity of Guenter Wermekes comprises the design of products such as wrist watches and also door handles for various renowned manufacturers. In more recent times he has expanded his vision to the creation of free-standing sculptures as well as designing complete public squares in cities.

Today, following such distinctions as the “NRW Design Award”, the “Platinum Design of the Year” and the “Red Dot Award for High Quality Design”, Wermekes`works can be found in private and public collections both at home and abroad. And on people who measure values in more than just material worth….

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