Fractal ink Design Studio Pvt .Ltd
5/264,shree Niketan,5th Road 400071 Mumbai India
Phone: +91 22 2558814

Intricate, deep, compelling, there is something about fractals that attracts the human eye and arrests the imagination. To us it symbolizes all the beauty of design the aesthetics and the art. A simultaneous counterpoint to the fractal is the ink, the reality of the hard bound printed word, a thing of substance. Taken together they symbolize the value we add to the client’s communication and the approach with which we bring innovation and effectiveness into our solutions.

Founded in 1995 with the aim of providing precise holistic communication solutions Fractal Ink has over the years created and sustained a large client base. From corporate identity, to user interfaces all the way to print, package and web design – our approach and methodology has consistently produced results – a fact which any of our clients would attest to.

Contact us today to get the edge of clutter-breaking design solutions working for you.

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