Gestaltungsgesellschaft Produktdesign
Metzer Strasse 19 10405 Berlin Germany

Form follows function after all!
The first steps in the development of a product are comprehensive analyses of engineering details and the understanding of complex functional processes. All members of the team consider this an essential part of their work, given that technical understanding provides the basis for leveraging their professional design and usability expertise in the creation of really exciting products. gestaltungsgesellschaft is a small and highly effective team of designers and engineers based in Berlin. For more than 10 years, the firm led by product designer Jens Kaschlik has been very successful in the development of medical and laboratory equipment. Bringing a high level of technical understanding to the job, creates products of high quality and develops surprising design solutions exhibiting a clear and compact language of form. The approach taken by the “friends of form” has once again been vindicated – their CyFlow® Cube 6 has garnered a “red dot design award best of the best 2013”.

What is your idea of a perfect product, Mr Kaschlik?
The bicycle.
Because this complete package comprised of form, function and emotion interacts so ideally with its user.

Do you want your next product to be perfect?

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