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Our work is guided by our 'Observe Innovate Design' methodology. Leaving no stone unturned, we explore the context, the technologies and the materials, Involve the users, the stakeholders and the experts. This approach matches our clients' business objectives to the needs and aspirations of an inclusive spectrum of end users. We shape our observations and insights into highly differentiated product propositions and market-ready solutions.

Most companies make great efforts to create brands around their companies, using marketing and advertising that communicate their differences to their customers, but few focuses on carrying those messages into the products themselves. Elements like the design of the products, logos, tag lines, and packaging, are shortcuts to the customer’s perception of the value of a brand. Customer’s use these shortcuts when making purchase decisions.

Design and branding;

Constitutes the physical representation of a brand's personality.
Draws attention to a specific product in a crowded retail space.
Positions a product amongst a certain category of perceived value and price.
Function as an essential brand identity tool.
Even a specific color might trigger an association to a particular brand.
Differentiates a product from its competitors.
Reflects the level of coolness, creativity and cutting-edge qualities the brand might have.

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