268, Geumeo-ro, Pogok-eup, Cheoin-gu 449-812 Yongin-si South Korea
Phone: +82 10 3670 8192
Fax: +82 31 781 3768

CSK is an enterprise manufacturing the facility to safely supply the high purity Liquid chemicals used in the semiconductor process for manufacturing facilities and scrubbers to purify harmful gases from the semiconductor manufacturing process.

CSK, preparing the foundation for growth through technology transfers from Germany and Japan. Secured all technologies required for manufacturing scrubbers through endless technology development by the best experts in each field and manufacturing knowhow accumulated for a long time. Furthermore, CSK successfully improved process stability in the semiconductor industry by developing the PDS(Precursor Delivery System) to help sensitive semiconductor substances arrive safely at the facility.

By ongoing challenge and innovation and never being satisfied with the current achievements. CSK established an eco-friendly next generation technology laboratory and has been concentrating investment on enterprise-wide R&D to secure greenhouse gas treatment technology.

As a result, CSK secured about 20 technology patents accepted in 7 foreign countries including Korea. CSK successfully completed a variety of national project including a next generation key environmental technology development project and next generation eco-innovation technology development project.

On the basis of its achievement to date, CSK has been maintain a close relationship with semiconductor leaders in Korea for a long time and continuing its advance to be the global leader by exploring the overseas market including on the American continents and in Asia, pursuing the best in customer satisfaction.

Dreaming of the creation of future value, CSK takes the initiative in realizing eco-friendly value through ongoing technology innovation, quality improvement and reliable management for greater advancement as the global leader, satisfaction.

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