Charles Morrow Productions
1961 Roaring Brook Barton, VT 05822  USA
Phone: 491712216759

CMP designs award-winning, ear-catching immersive sound experiences that enhance perception and drama. We develop projects with MorrowSound True3D, a state-of-the-art immersive sound environment used in art spaces, museums, hospitals, public spaces and events worldwide. Our original soundscapes bring alive heritage sites, natural environments and cityscapes. True3D uses sound the way we hear it in the world, vertically and horizontally. 

Our sound engine works with Oculus VR and game engines to produce continuous changes of perspective and color, on headphones or speakers. 

Whether creating immersive sound for the Oculus or zoned sound for physical spaces, we provide prototyping systems. To make sound believably move through a 300-foot tunnel, one needs to mix at scale.

Our wide experience means that we can stimulate discussions as well as work on solutions. We love to brainstorm! We are hands-on and work closely with collaborators. We have team members and demo systems in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, London, Berlin and Helsinki. Our network is global.

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