Bluelarix Designworks
Bilker Allee 217 40215 Düsseldorf Germany
Phone: +31208202211

We believe we can help your business making money with industrial design of new high-quality products that make a positive contribution in the lives of people. Investing in high-quality industrial design, based on ergonomics and core meaning, results in innovative and honest products with focus and a powerful story. 

We partner with courageous companies, from start-up to multinational and design both medical products, sports products, transport & vehicles, professional products and high-quality consumer products. Those fields share the need for a high level of ergonomic product design, class-a surface modeling and love for detail. 

You find our products in Europe, the USA and Asia in many different places like care homes, paper manufacturing facilities, sport courts, construction sites, hospitals and dentists practices.

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