Antoni Carles S.A.
Volta dels Garrofers, 41-42 08340 VIlassar de Mar Spain
Phone: 0034 937 54 07 97

Antoni Carles , S.A. was founded in 1958 as a family business designed to provide mechanical support to professionals interested in offering their clients maximum quality as well as the best equipment and service.

Over time, we have gained experience and an in-depth knowledge of the market which has helped us find out what our client wants, to whom we listen, with whom we interact and from whom our ideas emerge.

We currently operate in two areas:
> Dental equipment: with an internationalized and global commercial strategy.
> Engineering and manufacturing for third parties (optics): restricted, confidential and on-demand offer.
Through our work, and from both areas, we offer the professional top quality, robust and ergonomic products, helping them work impeccably and making their everyday tasks easier.

Together with an extraordinary product, what really sets us apart is our concern for people. Ancar professionals focus the greater part of their work on providing excellent technical and after-sales service and treatment with a personal touch, offering all clients our knowledge and innovative attitude with the utmost care and dedication, with feeling.

At Ancar, you can reach out and touch the trust and security.
Because everything works,
because we’re always there

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