Alskar Design BV
Gedempt Hamerkanaal 253 1021 KP Amsterdam The Netherlands
Phone: +31 20 820 22 11
Fax: +31 6 1888 0568


Remarkable products, meaningful innovation, that is what counts. That is what your company needs. Our strategic product design process helps you offer the relevant products of tomorrow.


We help you overcome the obstacles

Perhaps you are going to develop products for the first time. Perhaps your design team can use good help to come to innovative breakthroughs. Decision-making, an unclear strategy or a lack of experience might be obstacles for innovation and great product design. We help you overcome these obstacles.

We provide exactly the support that you need. From product design strategy to production support, with unique look-in-the-kitchen sessions, award winning design, risk management and robust product development.

Your company can lead the pack with remarkable products that are meaningful and relevant, today and tomorrow.

How we make that happen? Get our free Designguide for deeper insights and practical steps.





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