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Designer – the people behind the projects

In this category, you will find designers from around the world, including many who have already been awarded a Red Dot. A lot of hard work, time and passion has gone into every design product and piece of work. For designers produce particularly good work when they become deeply involved in a project by, for example, talking to the people for whom a product is intended, by getting to know the manufacturer and his philosophy, by analysing the competition and learning about the relevant production conditions, regulations, new technologies and materials. This is why we want to celebrate the people behind these products, projects and campaigns and introduce them to you in a little more detail on Red Dot 21, through a selection of their work.

Designers from all sectors are represented on Red Dot 21

If you are looking for a designer, this is where you can find experts from a wide range of different fields of design, from architecture and interior design, to advertising and communication agencies, industrial designers for all sectors (for example automotive, furniture and jewellery design, medical design and consumer electronics), as well as communication and web designers, illustrators and many more. The profiles generally include contact details or a link to the relevant homepage. In addition, we show some pieces of work for which the designers are responsible as well as the design prizes these projects have won. Thus, your search will give you a good idea whether a designer, with his or her experience and personal style is likely to suit your project.

But perhaps you aren’t looking for a designer at all, but simply liked a project or a piece of work so much that you were keen to find out more. In that case, the relevant profile will give you further information and will also allow you to discover other work by the same designer.