620 Eonju-ro 135-832 Seoul South Korea

Uzin Hwang majored in computer graphic design at Wollongong University, Australia. She went on to study brand management at the graduate school for business administration at Yonsei University, Seoul, and then gained experience working on jewellery and book design through an extension course at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). After returning to Seoul, Uzin Hwang worked for a boutique design agency. In 2002, she joined the leading brand consulting agency Interbrand, simultaneously working in visual design and planning. She is part of a team which creates the visual communications for Korea’s top financial groups as well as designs for FMCG, packaging, user interfaces, automotive and retail.

With whom would you like to work?
I learn a lot when working with designers from other countries. It is always an interesting experience. Exchanging ideas with people who have a different background helps to expand my perspective and also benefits my design work for international clients.

What kind of project would you like to realise?
Korea’s international status has soared, thanks to various aspects including Korean pop music and Korean culture. But Korea’s national brand identity does not reflect the change resulting from all these developments and, most importantly, it looks outdated visually. If I had the opportunity to take on the project, I would develop a new national identity that would reflect the aesthetically improved, dynamic Korea.

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