Sune Wirth Engelund
Gl. Munkegade 6E 8000 Aarhus Denmark
Phone: + 45 38 400 503

Sune Wirth Engelund established the concept and communication agency CZOO together with partner Morten Søholm in 2006 and acts as its art director. Prior to setting up his own business, he headed up the graphic design departments of Danish design agencies Venture (2003–2006) and Aparte (1996–2003). One of the strengths of CZOO is Sune Wirth Engelund’s visual design. His work is defined by clarity and edge and has a mature tightness to it.

What do you understand by good communication design?
Design will never stand alone in corporate communication. But neither will content. They strengthen each other and make each other come to life. If the content is not communicated properly – in both words and visuals – it may not be perceived as intended – and then it has no impact. So I see consistency in design as well as in storytelling as very important and the two as inseparable elements in the process of getting a message across.

What are the qualities a successful
communication designer must have?
He or she needs to have courage, knowledge, and the ability to listen – while not caving in when you know you are right. Being humble and proud at the same time. And not selling out.

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