Stefan Eckstein

Stefan Eckstein, born in 1961 in Stuttgart/Germany, studied industrial design at the Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Kiel and attended courses at the Anthropological Institute of the Christian Albrecht University of Kiel. After holding a position as an assistant in Hamburg, he founded his own design studio in 1989 in Munich.

Since 2012, Stefan Eckstein has been the president of the Association of German Industrial Designers (VDID), giving highest priority to authenticity, responsibility and ethics. As project leader, he and his team developed the VDID Codex, which lays out the ethical values of the profession of industrial designers.

His studio has received many design awards in national and international award competitions. Today, Stefan Eckstein is recognised as a renowned designer in industrial design, in particular in the fields of medical technology, as well as production and consumer goods.

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