Sara Böhmer, Achim Böhmer
Phone: 02315854218

Sara and Achim Böhmer both graduated with distinction when they completed their degree in communication design at the Folkwang University in Essen. Sara Böhmer received her first Red Dot award while she was still a student for her first book project. Achim Böhmer worked for established branding agencies as well as independently in his own Logo project agency, and developed brand concepts for, amongst others, Allianz, WestLB, DSM and Wilo. Sara and Achim Böhmer have published joint books such as “Retrodesign stylelab” and “Formstrahl”. In 2008, they founded the achta design agency for brand strategy, brand development and corporate design with a particular focus on well-designed web concepts suited to CI.

What do you understand by good communication design?
Good communication design is always rooted in a smart, understandable concept that brings people together, sets communication in motion and gives undertakings wings.

Why did you become a communication designer?
As a communication designer you can support institutions and companies in the long-term with meaningful brand strategies and brand developments. Intelligent design concepts can provide order for contents, communicate issues more clearly and convey emotions.

What does the future of communication design look like?
Due to the mobile web there are ever more effective communication channels. We believe this is a fantastic opportunity to create interactivity with a brand in a new way.

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