Sabine Brambach
Phone: 030206097111

Sabine Brambach studied design in Munich as well as in San Francisco and worked for various design studios and advertising agencies in the US, Germany and India (Scholz & Friends Interactive, incorporate berlin, Please See) before joining Smart Mobile Factory in 2012 as creative director. Always driven by her desire to learn and focus on content driven design, she has developed her skills in line with trends in technology starting from corporate through web to app design.

What do you understand by good communication design?
“Don’t make me think” is a classic in the literature about web design. Although the book was published in 2002, its underlying concept remains pertinent. Clearly structured content and accessibility are what matters most in times of 24/7 information overload. Employing best-in-class usability design relieves the user of having to think and makes them focus on the content. Guiding users in their actions is the key component of good communication design.

What are the qualities a good
communication designer must have?
A good communication designer has to work like an actor in a theatre. As a designer you must be able to assume the different roles of the potential users of the application. Establishing an astonishing design and personal style are important, but you should never loose track of focusing on the user and creating added value for him or her.

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