Roberto Nicoletto
Via Sineo, 5 10124 Torino Italy

Beginning in 1981, the profession of designer , founding the study Architecture image , ranging from architecture to product design and graphics.??With the Fiat Auto Group I sign an ongoing collaboration for graphic communication of institutional brands Lancia, Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Iveco.??In parallel project for public , art shows in historic venues in the city of Turin , and for private clients residential villas and renovation project .??I participate in the exhibition of architecture " Lingotto contribution of ideas" in Turin.??Win the contract for the study of the new image of Transport Piedmont Region, the project organized by various professional specializations.? ?In 1990 the fund Nicoletto Design Associates design firm particularly attentive to all forms of communications passing from construction , product design for companies operating in the field of mechanics, electronics , retail , housewares, home furnishings , accessories car and writing articles .?Communication integrated graphics , fittings and interior design exhibitions .??I work as an Art Director , and propose new strategies following picture of the product to its marketing on the market.??Intensive scenic design , the study brings to sign up for BBC1 important plants scenic sites in prestigious squares in Italy .??Draft new headquarters Victory High School Turin??The study , he won the invitation for the design of three buildings (shopping mall, hotel , business center ) sites in the city of Novosibirsk in Siberia.??I participate in design exhibitions in the country??Some of the works are featured in books and journals in the field .

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