Rebecca Finell
3101 Bee Cave Rd, Ste. #325 78746 Austin USA
Phone: 512-298-1975
Fax: 512-201-6790

CEO Rebecca Finell previously founded Boon Inc., serving as the president, principal designer and chief brand strategist for the leading innovator in the baby product industry. Boon products sold in 2000 locations in the US and in over 65 countries. Finell also founded Keen Distribution and took over US distribution for Bumbo Inc. She has won every major design award in the juvenile industry and has been featured on national radio and television, as well as in print publications worldwide.
In 2011, Rebecca sold Boon to focus on the launch of FINELL Co. The company aims to redefine modern design using fresh ideas and patented innovations. "We embrace the unknown and explore uncharted territories. I believe that when you get talented people together to create without boundaries, great things come of it,” Rebecca stated.

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