Prompong Hakk shakes bkk
Oasis Pattanakarn 53 10250 Bangkok Thailand

shakes was founded by Prompong Hakk and Surakead Hemwimon in 2009 as a partnership and turned into a full time Design Studio in 2012. Having worked together in the household sector for over five years we have created and managed Designs from the ground up on behalf of many international brands. Together we have accumulated more than 15 years of experience in product development. For the next 5 years our vision is to build one hell of a creative team to take shakes to the top spot of Thailand's product Design industry. We will do so by making good talents our assets and efficient managing our virtues. At shakes no one is a supernova but rather a group of small stars that together shape a constellation of equal beauty albeit creating a more meaningful and memorable image. ?

?Prompong Hakk, spent his childhood in Germany and received his Bachelor in Industrial Design Magna Cum Laude from Loughborough University, UK with an additional Masters in Marketing Management. Before founding shakes he had been working as Creative Director at Cerebrum Design, one of Thailand’s most celebrated Creative Studios. He is fluent in English and German.?

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