Prof. Martin Pärn
Phone: +372 67 66 236

Professor Martin Pärn, born in Tallinn in 1971, studied industrial design at the University of Industrial Arts Helsinki (UIAH).

After working in the Finnish furniture industry he moved back to Estonia and undertook the role of the ambassadorial leader of design promotion and development in his native country. He was actively involved in the establishment of the Estonian Design Centre and continues directing the organisation as chair of the board. Martin Pärn founded the multidisciplinary design office “iseasi”, which creates designs ranging from office furniture to larger instruments and from architectural models to interior designs for the public sector.

Having received many awards, Pärn begun in 1995 with the establishment and development of design training in Estonia and is currently head of the Design and Engineering’s master’s programme, a joint initiative of the Tallinn University of Technology and the Estonian Academy of Arts, which aims, among other things, to create synergies between engineers and designers.

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