George Pierce
2150 SE HARLEY LN 97702 BEND United States
Phone: 6509067132

Re-Inventing the Shoe to Empower play, health and wellness.

Launched in 2016, PierceFoowear was awarded a utility patent on its upper footwear pattern design allowing direct step-in to a performance shoe without use of hands. Additionally, adjustment is made on the fly by a latch mechanism which is the new lace.

PierceFootwear is a mission driven footwear company that empowers play, health and wellness with the most innovative performance footwear made. Whether the activity is running, walking, jogging, hiking, paddleboarding, cross-training, our footwear enhances the natural dynamics of the foot to optimize performance.

PierceFoowear was the footwear supplier to the 2017 Special Olympic winter games in Austria, providing customized fit for all 2,000 athletes. Woman floor hockey team from Bangladesh and mens Southern California team won medals on PierceFoowear right out the boxes.

PierceFootwear is on the feet on Hall of Fame triathletes striving for PR’s as well as those getting back on their feet in recovery from trauma, stroke and mobility issues ages 8 thru 80.

Designed by a veteran footwear designer in Athens, Greece and launched globally, PierceFootwear is re-defining performance footwear in materials, pattern design and functionality.

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