Philipp Dettmer
Phone: 01799989237

Philipp Dettmer initially studied history at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, but then became increasingly interested in the visualisation of information. He switched industries and studied communication design at the design faculty of Munich University of Applied Sciences with an emphasis on infographics and visual aspects of knowledge transfer. Since graduating he has worked as a freelance information designer for various media productions while simultaneously building up a network of like-minded people who are passionately committed to imparting knowledge and education in an easy-to-understand and vivid way.

What do you understand by good communication design?
It conveys information and is, at the same time, of great aesthetic value.

With whom would you like to work?
With scientists of all disciplines, educational institutes or video production companies. My greatest dream is to make science more accessible and to educate people further. Given the right specialists, learning in Germany could be transformed and restructured in such a way that school-age children and students would learn with more enjoyment and curiosity.

What inspires you?
Books. Above all factual books about complicated scientific topics, but also children’s books. They represent both ends of the spectrum – difficult to understand and readily accessible. You can easily park me in a bookshop for hours.

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