Oliver Stotz http://www.stotz-design.com/
Phone: +49 (0)202 - 30 06 67

Oliver Stotz, born in 1961 in Stuttgart, Germany, studied industrial design at the University Essen, Germany, and at the Royal College of Art in London. Being founder of his own studio “stotz-design.com“ in Wuppertal, Germany, he has more than 20 years of experience in the fields of industrial and corporate design. His design achievements are characterised by his integral operation methods on design projects and by the consequent implementation of developed concepts from trade fair appearance to POS up to the product. Thus, established brands came into being in his studio, such as proseat in the automotive sector or blomus in the field of glass/porcelain/ceramic. Since then, he and his eight member team both nationally and internationally advise companies of various branches regarding the implementation and the realisation of new design concepts. In 2010, the foundation for the promotion of design “Mia Seeger Stiftung” appointed Oliver Stotz as board member. The foundation based in Stuttgart, Germany, integrates and promotes young designers after their degree with the award “Mia Seeger Preis”. Oliver Stotz is lecturer in the design department at the University Wuppertal. His design achievements have been honoured with renowned awards and shown in numerous exhibitions.

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