Nathalie Elmir
Al Omari Mosque Street, Bldg 1081, 5th floor 20115504 Beirut Lebanon
Phone: 00961 1 957000 ext. 3476

Nathalie Elmir is art director of the multidisciplinary design department, a team of 11 professionals from different backgrounds – designers, editors and writers – that was created in 2010 within Solidere to produce annual corporate and cultural publications. Solidere is the private company in charge of the reconstruction and development of Beirut’s post-war city centre. The multidisciplinary design department aims to communicate the concepts developed by Solidere to rebuild this urban space and shape its future, and strives to explore new approaches in narrating the story of this city where yesterday, today and tomorrow merge and evolve in unexpected ways.

What are the qualities a successful
communication designer must have?
A great sense of humour.

Which of your projects has been
the biggest challenge for you so far?
Every project presents its own particular challenge. In this case it lay in communicating the social and emotional layers of the reconstruction and development of Beirut’s post-war city centre, through a theme that depicts the challenges of such an undertaking.

Where and how do you gather information on trends?
We always go back to our favourite books, the good old classics – references that give a sort of visual exploration of “workings of the eye, the hand, the brain and the imagination”.

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