Mathieu Pung
28 Lescatouarn 29740 Plobannalec-Lesconil France
Phone: +33 7 78761753

Mathieu Pung is a French-American designer who studied engineering and sculpture at Dartmouth College followed by earning a master’s in product design at the prestigious Art Center College of Design. He has enjoyed a career marrying art and design, from creating sculptures with Claes Oldenburg and Jeff Koons to designing consumer electronics at Ashcraft Design in Los Angeles. For six years, he was also an instructor at the Art Center College before moving to Amsterdam to design for the renowned Marcel Wanders studio. He has been creating a diverse range of products, from stereo systems for Harman Kardon, sex toys for Ohmibod, to furniture for Magis, striving to bring as much joy to the products as they bring to their users.

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