Martin Hallberg
Phone: +46 708867185

As a sound designer withing Audio Branding, Martin Hallberg builds and strengthens brands using sound, music and voices. After his degree at SAE Institute Creative Media Education in Stockholm in 1997, Hallberg has worked with sound for feature films, commercials, museums and the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm. It was the knowledge of how sound is used in the world of film and art that got Hallberg to found Radja Sound Design Agency in 2004. The goal was to use his experience of sound design in, for the industry, new areas. Within Radja's portfolio you will find designed sound for products such as cell phones, computer games and elevators; alongside whole sound strategies and concepts for commercial real estate owners, shopping destinations and hotel chains.

Hallberg is also an appreciated speaker on topics like how we are affected by sound, audio applications within architecture, industrial design and public areas.

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