Louis Yiu
Unit 2404, Kwai Hung Holdings Centre, 89 King's Road, North Point Hong Kong Hong Kong
Phone: 852-25706060

In 2005, Louis Yiu founded SparKreative Limited of which he is the creative director. The studio unites brand design, marketing design, visual communication and packaging design, and its work has received numerous international design awards. Diversity of design expertise inspires its design team to think differently and develop every design project using experience from different design categories, thereby creating unique concepts that suit the project’s nature.

What do you understand by good communication design?
I believe good communication design should provide the basis for evolution. In solving a problem, a design should not only manifest creativity and innovation, but also enrich our culture and bring about added economic value.

Why did you become a communication designer?
From a young age, I have always wanted to be different from everyone else. What really influenced my career choice
was a book on design I read as a teenager. It made me realise that through design, I could stand out from others.

What kind of project would you like to realise?
I would rather not limit myself to a particular piece of work. I would be interested in realising any project that allows me to unleash creativity and innovation.

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