Joshua Thompson
Old Museum Building, room 10A31, Buckle street 6014 Wellington New Zealand
Phone: 064 04 801 5799

Brodie Nel and Joshua Thompson recently graduated from Massey University with a degree in visual communication design majoring in illustration. They now work as freelancers creating and executing good illustration design. Inspired by design that pushes stylistic boundaries and communicates effectively with the viewer they offer a wide range of styles to satisfy any potential client’s illustrative needs. Currently, they are working on editorial illustrations e.g. for the Scriptus Literary Journal and the Massive Magazine.

What do you understand by good communication design?
It is built on three key elements: form, function, and aesthetic. That’s your platform for communication, without it you may as well say nothing.

What inspires you?
Hemingway said something along the lines of “if it’s bad I’ll hate it, if it’s good I’ll envy it and hate it even more”. Weirdly this insecurity drives us further into the unknown. We feel the more you expose yourself to amazing design and creativity, the more you question your own.

What kind of project would you like to realise?
We would love to see our comic come to life as a series. We have mothered it from a few sketches into a comic. To see it reach maturity as a series and make its way into the world is a dream of ours.

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