Jonas Schudel
Ruetistrasse 52 8044 Gockhausen-Zuerich Switzerland
Phone: +41 796343223

After a vocational training in Typography, Jonas Schudel successfully completed the degree course ‹Typographical Designer› at the School of Design Zurich and received a federal degree. He is the managing co-owner of grotesque, a studio for typographical design with clientele from the economical, service and cultural sector. During stays of several months with Dalton Maag Ltd, London, he was able to expand and deepen his knowledge in font design.
Along with his professional occupation as a designer, Jonas Schudel is also a lecturer at the School of Design Zurich for Typography/Font in the degree course ‹Typographical Designer›, which he has been leading since 2006. In addition, he lectures courses on these topics at the School of Design Aargau in the area of continuing education. Furthermore, he is a federally certified subject lecturer at the School of Design Zurich and teaches in the department of ‹vocational training› typography?. He is nationally involved with the committees and professional associations for occupational training and occupation-oriented advanced education. Seminars and presentations on Typography and Font round off his occupation.

What are the qualities a successful
communication designer must have?
A willingness to search, question and re-invent things. The ability to take on the unknown, to observe ones surroundings with interest and develop one’s own ideas based on what one sees. A successful communication designer has to develop his or her own point of view and must be able consistently to integrate it in projects. In addition, he or she has to have a good degree of tenacity in order to follow an idea through.

What else would you like to learn?
I would like to expand my knowledge of languages, different writing systems and their history as well as their structure and context. That would help me better to understand how communication works in relation to writing systems.

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