Jens Lattke
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Born in Würzburg in 1970, Jens Lattke completed his training in Würzburg, as well as in the Swiss town of St.Gallen, and subsequently worked for several agencies. He has been managing partner of Lattke und Lattke in Reichenberg since 2003 and has worked in the areas of corporate publishing, online design and advertising for national and international clients such as Audi, Bosch, commod, Jones Lang LaSalle, Linde Material Handling, ThyssenKrupp and Volkswagen.

What do you understand by good communication design?
It has to fulfil the most diverse requirements and – perhaps most importantly – it has to represent its originator. In other words, it must suit him. What is more, it has to be “magnetic”, arouse the curiosity of the recipient and make it possible to understand complex issues quickly. Finally,
I myself have to like it.

What are the qualities a successful
communication designer must have?
He has to have empathy and be able to see things from the perspective of the originator, project and recipient.

Which of your projects has been
the biggest challenge for you so far?
The real challenge is generally not the project itself, but lies in, for example, having to overcome a creative block. By that I mean sitting in front of a blank piece of paper and realising: none of my approaches are really good.

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