Jennifer is an expert in the field of branding. She has won sixty-six awards in her field, including the iF, the Red Dot Award, and the Taiwan Design Award. Her passion for branding is reflected in her work not only as Vice President of the Royal Balibay International Centre, but as the Director of the Taiwan Graphic Design Association, where she is also involved in many successful and less successful brand experimental design for the Asian market. Also, as founder and President of Proad Identity, she has designed the identity of top companies such as TWTC,LITEON,and NOVA.

Jennifer is married and has two children. In her spare time it gives her great pleasure to be a mother of the jury for various international design competitions. For the reason that to provide customers better international competitiveness and service, Jennifer and the other 5 designers who came from different countries assemble a co-work alliance called Global Design Source (abbreviation GDS).

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