Jean-Marie Lawniczak
Jean-Marie Lawniczak Yellow, Agentur für Kommunikation Johann-Strauß-Str. 29, A-4020 Linz office(at)

What do you particularly like about your own award-winning product?

There are very different opinions about the appearance of “Johammer J1“. The idea was to create a shape that can be function and message simultaneously.

The design polarizes and that´s what we expected. This is a signal of something really relevant and new. People talk about it and give positive or even negative comments. But fact is – they talk about. And if you have ever seen this bike, you will remember it. You really have to become acquainted with this unknown creation.
We attributed this new motorcycle with an animalistic, aggressive and strong image. The result assumed the shape of a strange riding-beast aiming to confine from the harmless image that still sticks to e-mobility nowadays.

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