Jan Müller-Michaelis
Papenreye 51-53 22453 Hamburg Germany
Phone: +494080601131-1

Jan Müller-Michaelis was born in Hamburg in 1977, where he studied media technology at the University of Applied Sciences. As part of his diploma thesis on non-linear narrative in computer games, he developed the point-and-click adventure “Edna and Harvey: The Breakout”, using his own graphics, scripting and game design. He and Carsten Fichtelmann are the co-founders of Daedalic Entertainment, a fast-growing German indie developer, which designs games with strong narrative and compelling characters. Jan Müller-Michaelis worked as creative director on numerous titles such as “A New Beginning”, “Harvey’s New Eyes” and the final part of Deponia trilogy “Goodbye Deponia”, which is to be released later this year.

What are the qualities a successful
communication designer must have?
On one hand, he is a psychologist who knows exactly what the expectations of his audience are and can arouse specific reactions and particularly emotions. On the other, there must be no working link between the two sides of his brain, so that he can surprise himself; because, only by doing that, can he surprise others.

What inspires you?
Problems and how people get round them.

What kind of project would you like to realise?
I would like to design the first game based on musicals. By that I mean create an interactive musical you can play with.

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