Born in Rio de Janeiro in 1987, graduated in Industrial Design at PUC-Rio University, Gustavo Martini is getting attention from the market as a promise in Brazilian furniture design. His interest in arts started in his childhood, with drawings, paintings and construction toys that naturally became his profession. In college, he was one of the founders of the Expo Design, an annual fair that promotes the products of design students, and also took part in other events, such as the Architecture and Design Week, held also at PUC-Rio. During his very first year as a professional, he managed to be one of the finalists of the IF award and won the Idea Brazil award for his Woody Tricycle, developed when he was still in college. His greatest passion is to create, with no obligations and with all the freedom he can get. In the warmth of his studio at Jardim Botânico, a charming neighbourhood in Rio de Janeiro surrounded by nature, Martini used to spend many afternoons exploring concepts, playing with shapes, creating a sort of stripped experimental design. With a strong identity, he has the ability to produce both conceptual products, for limited series, or products for large scale production. Now, Gustavo Martini lives in Milan after a Master graduation in Italian Product Design at Istituto Marangoni. 

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