Günter Wermekes
Bürhausen 11 58566 Kierspe Germany

Günter Wermekes, born in Kierspe, Germany in 1955, is a goldsmith and designer. After many years of practice as an assistant and head of the studio of Prof. F. Becker in Düsseldorf, he founded his own studio in 1990. He attracted great attention with his jewellery collection “Stainless steel and brilliant”, which he has been presenting at national and international fairs since 1990.

His designs are also appreciated by renowned manufacturers such as BMW, Rodenstock, Niessing or Tecnolumen, for which he designed, among other things, accessories, glasses, watches and door openers. In exhibitions and lectures around the world he has illustrated his personal design philosophy, which is: “Minimalism means reducing things more and more to their actual essence, and thus making it visible.” He has also implemented this motto in his design of the Red Dot Trophy.

In 2014, Günter Wermekes was one of ten finalists in the design competition for the medal of the Tang Prize, the “Asian Nobel Prize”. His works have won numerous prizes and are part of renowned collections.

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