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Adriano Baldanzi e Alessandro Novelli since finishing their studies in Industrial design at ISIA in Florence, have been working together at the design studio that bears their names. After researching into the different ideas of design in its most diverse form, they decided to create a brand called CASAMANIA in 1984. B&N designers have designed hundreds of pieces of furniture for CASAMANIA. The most significant being the library shelving system FESTIVAL which has been in production since 1988. The success of these products came about immediately or rather when it was decided to entrust the distribution to the Company FREZZA. The collaboration between CASAMANIA and FREZZA has continued even after FREZZA was taken over by DOIMO.
In the office sector, B&N’s work took off when they designed the DATA chair for Dimsau in 1991. The chair won the Forum Design Prize for the most innovative product at EIMU. Since then, there have been many other chairs for the office, auditoriums and contracts. To name a few: EVERIDAY for Bum, FLOW and CAMPUS for Emmegi, SPIRIT for Sitland, C600, C100 and YLO for Lamm, and more recently GREEN for Sitland, BLUE and CAPTAIN for Sinetica, EXPO15 for Vaghi, MODO for Estel, HELLO and YON for Las mobile just to give few examples. However they have not only had success with chairs. B&N have partnered with Sinetica to develop the GLAMOUR directional table, FACTORY reception bar and REPORT another directional table.
Overseas B&N have worked with Nurus in Turkey on a project called ANYWAY. In Brazil they have developed products for Flexform, a leading company in the field of office and auditorium seating, and with Use, a manufacturer of desk and office furniture systems. In China they have a tight relationship with B-one to develop seating as STAR and CAFÉ’ CHAIR.

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