ZOO is the name of Creative ZOO’s own typeface. The typeface was created as a key element in the agency’s rebranding. It functions as the backbone of the new visual identity and creates cross media synergies. ZOO is designed to be characteristic while still being easily legible.

The typeface is based on the core values of the communication- and design agency – Enthusiasm, courage and empathy. Enthusiastic in its playful application. Courageous in the letterforms’ cuts. Empathic because of its round and caring appearance The typeface is a superfamily consisting of a sans and a slab family each consisting of 5 weights with oblique. In total 20 weights and styles.

ZOO is build with a geometric skeleton inspired by a perfect circle, which gives the typeface a classic look. The high x-height gives the classic look a modern touch, and the various cuts in the letterforms gives the typeface its uniqueness.

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