Zalando’s strategy, services and products are digital. This is reflected in their annual report 2016, which also includes emotional and inspiring stories and brings the world of Zalando to life. With their first collaboration, Zalando and MPM strike new paths – content-wise as well as technologically. The online version of the report shows the success of Europe’s biggest online fashion marketplace and Zalando’s unique strategy in a 360° view. „Zalando City“ is pictured as a virtual European fashion hotspot. Through embedded videos and slideshows, the user can take a closer look at, for example, developments of the logistic network and last year’s fashion events, as well as Zalando’s fashion and tech sites in Berlin.

Centerpiece of the report, however, is the app which allows users to immerse themselves into the world of Zalando City. Selected target groups were provided with “Google Cardboard” virtual reality (VR) glasses, delivered in a suitcase mock-up, allowing for a full VR experience. Without VR glasses, a 360° view is accessible within the app (App Store, Google Play Store). Thus, the report combines print and digital, film and VR, for an extensive experience of the company.

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