This project represents a venture of embedding the power of branding and visual communication in social sectors. Youth Embracing the World is a non-profit organization rehabilitating and educating neglected youths. The organization helps them return to the community as healthy, active members. Youth Campus is an institution which provides arts, sports, music, and other form of education for teenagers from Youth Embracing the World. The project proposes the integrated system of enhancing the brand image and awareness through online/offline media. The identity design was completed by 1-1 Company’s professional designers. Students at 1-5 Design Lab contributed Youth Campus identity. These youths were left out of the Korean society. High schools in the country, whose largest mission is to send their students to the best colleges, have no room for them. It is our goal to reintegrating them into the community, and we have designers’ responsibility to make their voices be heard visually and clearly by the public.

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