I love night markets, which is an important part of Taiwanese culture. The lively atmosphere and the delicious snacks are extremely attractive. All vendors have their own stories. I like to share these stories to everyone in this book. I use creative binding to show the abundant of the night markets. The color and signs are also full of Taiwanese taste.

Snacks are usually packed in paper bags in the night market. I include this element in my work. In one of the pages, I use the material of the paper bag to make it like the night market paper bag in order to make this book more interesting.

I name this book “Xie,Xie” for two reasons. First, it sounds like “wandering” in Taiwanese. This means I like to shop in the night market. Second, “Xie,Xie” also sounds like “Thank you” in Taiwanese. The vendors in night markets would always say “Thank you” to the customers.

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