The dining table Café 6116, which is part of the collection Café 6116, is inspired on and made with Persian carpets. The carpets are processed into tabletops. The dining table touches on the nostalgia of the sixties, when the Persian carpets were part of the interiors of Eastern European cafés. The dining table is also an ambassador of the “circular economy” because of its reuse of materials. The worn out quality of the carpet tells a story. It is easy to imagine these carpets lying in the hallway of your great-aunt.

The carpets are processed into a super smooth surface. And colours, scars and patterns play the lead part. Because every carpet is only to be used once, every piece is unique. Also, a heirloom or a carpet which is, for some reason special to the owner, can be used. And every tabletop comes with an original certificate that contains information about the carpet that is used.

The elegant frame is made out of steel sheets, which are perfectly welded. It almost looks like cast iron because of the perfection. The frame is light and lightweight but because of the curving very firm and stable. The frame is finished in a powder coating. Pure workmanship!

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