BJÖRKSNÄS collection is a fresh, new take on birch – that strong, blonde material that looks, feels and smells like the Scandinavian forest.
The solid, raw wood is treated with wax so you can repair and refresh the surface over time and use. Some pieces have also been stained black for a contemporary, contrasting feel. BJÖRKSNÄS covers all the basic functions around the house: seating, tables and storage solutions. It’s about versatile pieces with an honest and warm feel that work across the home. There’s also an accessories collection, including the candle holders for the floor. The kitchen sofa is modelled after one found in most rural Swedish homes in the 19th century, yet it’s also timeless and will fit with the furniture you already have. There’s also a sheepskin seat cover for extra style and comfort. It might be called a kitchen sofa, but it works well in the hallway, living room or in the bedroom. Similarly, the nesting tables make for great bedside tables, living room sideboards or in the hallway. Near the end of the design process, we added details like the small leather handles for the vitrine cabinet. BJÖRKSNÄS will stand the test of time, both in quality and design.

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