Official Product Name: The Vecto Chair Designer: Erik Couzy, from Amsterdam…

What was the initial idea behind the chair’s design?
Erik Couzy says his motivation was to … “create a beautiful, stylish and compact chair. “like a gift”

What makes this product unique?
Erik couzy says the chair has several unique physical and aesthetic attributes which set it apart: The chair is made from ultra-light plastic and when you dismantle it, the chair is incredibly compact, which means that even a child can carry the dismantled, packaged product. The unique styling and design of the Vecto Chair immediately attracts the eye. It is very modern and yet deceptively simple; futuristic yet timeless, and appeals to both men and women from all walks of life.

Does the product have any “secret ingredients” that make it stand out?
“Absolutely,”says Erik Couzy. “People are amazed that this stylish chair can be marketed at such an affordable price. The ‘secret’ is that the chair is made of three separate components, which helped us save a great deal on moulding costs, which is then reflected in the attractive retail price.”

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