A pouf, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
Inspired by the Greek pallet and the way the colors of nature blend together.
After visiting the island of Santorini and seeing the dark colour of the volcano, the way the liquid element was moving, I decided to make a watercolor print in black. So by looking at the pouf, you will be able to see the white background blending in the black pattern slowly giving a sense of movement. It is actually a combination of two fabrics in one.
On its surface there is an embossed knitted texture that, resembles the traditional Greek textiles. The printing was made by water-based colors in Greece, in compliance with TUV ISO for environmental friendly production manufacturing. Inside the pouf there is an extra lining to prevent the inner material from falling out in case the top layer is damaged. The inner material is EPS, made from recycled Styrofoam food containers.
The pouf fabric has already received awards at the German Design Awards and the A Design Awards.

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