Ibex Chair The Ibex chair is intended to take its place within the Alpine chair tradition; this design alludes to highly original models conceived by architects in the 1920s. The surface displays folds suggesting mountainous terrain. Conscious emphasis is put on a weighty, solid appearance. The chair is nonetheless intended to appear dynamic – associations with the Alpine ibex or mountain goat (Lat. Capra ibex) are hardly coincidental. The chair takes its inspiration from the Stabelle, a chair from Vorarlberg’s rural carpentry tradition, with the backrest formed by a long smooth board propped by the back legs. The backrest of the Ibex provides back support on three sides, resulting in a very comfortable sitting position. A craggy protrusion at the top of the backrest lets you take hold of the chair. European ash is the material of choice for manufacturing. The solid wood parts are tightly joined with hand-crafted precision, without any metal fastening. The wood surface is sanded and finished with soap.

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