WinSill® Extensible Computer & Dressing Table :  „Pandora – A Magical Box“

Hong Kong has some of the world’s smallest living spaces. Since the 1980s, property developers have often included large window sills in flats occupying about 20-40% of the apartments. Hong Kong people have been facing the home space management challenge for decades.

Now, finally, help is at hand, with the epoch-making, extendable window sill furniture WinSill® specially designed to suit a range of different window ledge shapes and sizes. WinSill® Extensible Computer & Dressing Table is a multi-functional table-cabinet, maximising the functionality of large window sills. Use its built-in mirror to create a dressing-table, a piece of furniture rarely possible to include in Hong Kong’s crowded living quarters. Then, in a flash, transform the WinSill® Table into a desk or computer workstation. Its compartments include drawers of different sizes for storing books, cosmetics and accessories.

Upon good weather, window sills will be in adequate sunlight. This natural lighting advantage inspires the WinSill® design. The energy saving concept offers users who can do their make-up clearly in front of the mirror under bright natural environment. It make use of the actual environmental resources, substantially enhancing your living environment.

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