The Set that we are presenting for the Red Dot Design Award is designed by Iveta Cermakova, a young designer recently graduated from the Academy of Arts, Design and Architecture in Prague.
This furniture is a good example of how the TAVAR System allows to create multiple designs out of the same amount of elements included in the set.
The patented TAVAR system consists of boards and connectors, which are assembled without any tools. Unique double tongues and grooves in combination with magnets guarantee exact positioning of the elements and strong cohesion. The system was intensely developed and tested for years to be sure to offer only the highest stability and quality. Additional accessories are doors, drawers and glass elements. The system allows virtually unlimited designs. It is freely expandable in all three directions with a grid of 20 cm. All pieces can be reassembled wear-free. Only high-quality materials are used. All procedures of TAVAR – whether in the development, production or in the office – are in accordance with ecological considerations.
The process of mounting a TAVAR furniture is faster than mounting any other, and no tools are needed.

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