The „Regubox“ cabinet is for the mounting of valves and other components for the supply of potable and heating water in living areas. It serves to protect the technical components. The frontal glass door may be locked in order to prevent tampering.
The cabinet with its strict geometric design has an appealing form. The lines are clear and smooth, unnecessary edges are avoided. The body is made of stainless steel and has a frameless glass door. Its reduced design blends well with its ambience.
During its development, the emphasis was put on function, form as well as the minimal use of material. Manufacturing leaves out anything superfluous. Its function is achieved with little effort. The cabinet can easily be dismounted and disassembled. The materials used are predominantly glass, stainless steel and wood. All materials are fully recyclable.
Its construction is simple, made of only a few components and maintenance-free. It is of robust construction and is easy to clean. The intended functions are implemented by the most simple means.

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