PAQ chair bed is an answer to the challenges and needs of small urban living. It is a multi functional, convertible piece of furniture; a chair, a guest bed and a storage.
A useful, innovative interior design object for any space where there is not enough room for an individual bed or guest beds. The main target groups of the product is young adults and parents.
PAQ chair beds have an innovative, unique zipping solution that transforms the comfortable seating into a guest bed in one move. When folded to a chair, an upholstered cylinder gives the seating solid structure and works as an extra storage as well. Besides the fun, bold colours, every PAQ has a sophisticated, grey side to fit into any interior design style and colour choice. All PAQs can be folded inside-out.
PAQ is based on a simple idea, yet the final product is the result of a multi level development phase with several upgrades, after implementing user researches. The size and stiffness of the mattress was refined to fit the widest range of users.

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